Host institution: GenomeScan B.V., Leiden, The Netherlands
Host department: Research and Development
Supervisor: Dr. Inès Beumer

Project description
The ESR at GenomeScan will focus on the Bio-IT of next-generation sequencing data and systems biology (systems medicine) of castration-resistant prostate cancer by performing validation of multi-omics analyses and biomarker validation. The major goal will be to generate a systems biology understanding based on a multi-omics approach for human clinical materials. Tasks include:

  • Literature search for relevant tools and methods to develop a robust analysis of strengths and weaknesses on current approaches to multi-omics analysis;
  • Identification of coding and non-coding RNA contained in cell lines derived EVs for in depth profiling of EV (sub-)populations;
  • Evaluation of selected RNA biomarkers for their potential as predictors disease promoting EVs;
  • Establish correlations of RNAseq data and proteomics data collected from the same samples within the network for EV characterization;
  • Identification of EV (sub-)populations in patient biofluid using coding and non-coding RNA signature;
  • Publication of findings in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals.

The ESR will be based at GenomeScan in Leiden and work in a multidisciplinary team of molecular biologists and bio-informaticians under supervision of Dr. Inès Beumer and Prof. Dr. Bart Janssen. The position involves enrollment into a Dutch PhD program at a prominent Academic University.
Coherently with the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Training Program, the ESR will be involved in many different aspects of research and will work closely together with the other ESR’s within the network.
Furthermore, the ESR will take part in training programs and workshops, as well as secondments at several of the other institutions that form the networks.

Type of contract
The ESR will be contractually employed on a full-time (40 hours per week) temporary basis (fixed term as long as the project is running, but at all times limited to 36 months) by GenomeScan and covered under the social security scheme.

Required expertise and skills in addition to the general eligibility criteria
To be eligible, the candidate must fulfill each of the following criteria at the time of recruitment:
– The candidate must have a master’s degree in Life Sciences at project start, affinity with Bio-IT, affinity with cancer research (in particular prostate cancer), and an interest to gain a PhD in the field of cancer genetics and systems biology;
– He/she is enthusiastic about pursuing a research project within a commercial organization;
– The candidate should have an excellent (verbal and written) command of English;
– The candidate is willing to relocate to the area Leiden/The Hague in The Netherlands.

GenomeScan B.V.:

Contact details
For more information about this position, please contact:
Dr. Inès Beumer: