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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role of nurses, and the contributions of nurses to achieving positive patient outcomes. But what lies beneath that statement? Nurses and nursing have always made a positive impact on individual healthcare experiences of persons.  However, during the Covid-19 pandemic the need for nurses to be responsive and adaptive has been brought into sharp focus.  For example, developing new technological solutions to compensate for loss of personal contact, new communication systems to maintain engagement and key relationships, and innovative diagnostic and treatment solutions using tele-health.  The pandemic may prove to be a game changer in many ways.

A virtual event, combined with local physical hubs

ENC22 welcomes attendees from all over Europe and the rest of world. A variety of attractive work forms will be used, with the latest and most exciting virtual alternatives for physical presentations, informal meetings and networking with fellow attendees and companies. The organizers encourage and facilitate the formation of local, regional, and national hubs, where attendees can follow the virtual events together.

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