AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is Austria’s largest non-profit applied research institute and has over 1.300 employees exploring the technologies, techniques and tools for the infrastructure solutions of tomorrow at its main site and headquarter in Vienna. Compared to universities, which are focusing on basic research, AIT covers the entire spectrum from taking up emerging technologies, first proof of concepts, and applied research to transferring these emerging technologies into specific applications up to demonstrators and prototyping.

AIT’s Molecular Diagnostics unit has the specific goal to develop effective tools for minimally or non-invasive disease diagnosis. Along these lines a team of 50 interdisciplinary scientists develops and provides a range of tissue- and liquid biopsy technologies for biomarker discovery and validation for diagnosis, patient stratification and personalized medicine including bioinformatics methods to deal with large omics datasets in the context of complex diseases. In addition, the unit studies the routes of biomarkers via biological barriers including the blood-brain and blood-saliva barrier. Research infrastructure of the Molecular Diagnostics unit comprises the Agilent-microarray platform, protein microarray- and Next generation sequencing instrumentation, a nanoliter/microfluidic qPCR (Fluidigm)- and a Luminex bead array device, high-performance computing infrastructure as well as cell culture facilities (Cytoflex flow cytometer, Olympus fluorescence microscope).