CIC bioGUNE, placed at Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, is the largest biomedical research organization focused on human health in the Basque Country, Spain. CIC bioGUNE is awarded with the highest qualification for excellence in Spain, the “Severo Ochoa” distinction, rewarding their industrial potential, social impact and talent attraction. The host is an Endorsing Institution of the European Charter for Researchers & Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers, committed to provide the best framework conditions to contribute to the professional/personal development of researchers. The centre offers through Bizkaia Talent a Relocation Service (EURAXESS Service Centre) with the clear mission to attract and connect highly qualified scientists. CIC bioGUNE is formed by ca. 200 researchers from all over the world contributing to the scientific activity of the 22 research groups, focused on two transverse research programs: Molecular recognition & Host-Pathogen Interactions and Metabolism & Cell Signalling in Disease, performing excellent science with the commitment of transfer to Society.  The Exosomes laboratory of CIC bioGUNE has studied the molecular content and the functional role of EVs for more than 10 years, and has currently participated in more than 50 publications in the field. It has expertise in applying several EV isolation and characterization techniques, as well as, omics technologies to the molecular and functional analyses of EVs culture media and biofluids. It is pioneer and internationally recognized in studying hepatocyte-secreted EVs, and employing EVs as biological source to identify candidate biomarkers in various pathological scenarios including cancers and metabolic diseases.